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Who is smosh dating

"It was successful because you just wanted to hang out and have fun with that crazy group of guys.

Anthony Padilla is leaving the comedy brand that he co-created more than a decade ago.

Many of its new shows, including , focus on castmembers other than Padilla and Hecox.

It also has more than a dozen castmembers, a presence on several social platforms and multiple channels on You Tube, including Smosh Games and another channel currently being rebranded as Smosh Pit."A key piece of that was getting Ian and Anthony involved and excited about that possibility, which was really easy.It was a goal with an unclear date when it would matter, but we're really excited we got to this point." The change at Smosh comes as the You Tube talent ecosystem starts to mature.And while the SMOSH brand maintains its comedic tone, the type of content they put up expands and evolves constantly.Since 2015, SMOSH has experimented with a variety of formats. It follows socially awkward Charlie (Padilla), who moves into a furnished apartment where Eddie (Hecox) also lives.

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For starters, the two are both now 29, and far more experienced with writing, editing, shooting, producing, acting, and now leading.

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