Who is nick rhodes dating now

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Speaking of Timbaland, what was it like working with him?

It was fascinating for us to work in a different way. We finished three songs in five days, so it was very inspiring, too.

A few years later when Nick married Julie Anne on 18 August 1984, he chose Elayne to perform the duties of his 'best man', claiming her to be his best friend outside the band. Elayne later had a daughter with Duran Duran producer Alex Sadkin, and Nick returned her earlier favour by becomming the child's godfather.

by Josh Rotter So Duran Duran were pretty, had big hair, wore plenty of makeup and had impeccable style.

We didn’t want to make a hip hop album, and we felt that we were moving much closer to our area of electro pop so it didn’t seem like such a stretch.

When we walked in with a load of gear they seemed daunted at first, because they said they never saw that much equipment before. It slowly disintegrated, and it made it difficult for us to work together.

Elayne Griffiths was Nick Rhodes' girlfriend in the early days of Duran Duran, who worked the door at the Rum Runner nightclub where he was a DJ.

"I started Deejaying on Tuesdays at the Rum Runner and then ended up doing it on Fridays too.

Bringing electronic instruments and synth drums and rearranging songs and making them more simplistic is how we do it.We’re using light bulbs, moving lights, strip lights and big scanners.It enables us to create a lot more moods with a variety of lighting.So they took their name from a character in the camp classic film “Barbarella,” counted Andy Warhol as a friend and appreciated the musical stylings of Grace Jones.And what was that they sang about swigging a 7-Up at that New York City gay bar on 45th between Sixth and Broadway? That’s been up for debate among fans and haters alike since the blockbuster band formed in Birmingham, England, 30 years ago.

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