Updating bios dell inspiron 1501

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Updating bios dell inspiron 1501

it could very well be a keylogger, or other malware-like pgm that Norton cant find (yet). It looks like one of the causes of all of this is a problem with the ATI Hotkey Polling service. I have Norton Internet Security 207 and I wish I don't have a keylogger installed. TO MAKE SURE IT WAS THE BATTERY I REMOVED IT AND TURNED THE COMPUTER ON USING ONLY THE A. I KNEW THE BATTERY WAS SHOT, BECAUSE WHENEVER I UNPLUGGED IT FROM THE WALL IT WILL DIE RIGHT AWAY. HOPE THIS HELPED Get a Live CD distro of Linux and see if it has the same problems. However I find it really weird that my Dell Inspiron 1501 battery worked for precisely a year (the period covered by the guarantee) and then went bad. I am having the same problem with my Dell 1501 and purchased it BRAND NEW a little over a year ago.At first I thought it was a virus, I did all the necessary scans and found none.I then thought it might be the Keyboard driver, but it wasn’t.Just pulled the new battery out of my sony VAIO and the keyboard sprang to life.

This recall was back in 2006 and I wasn't notified.Thanks Fix slow keyboard response inspiron 1501 by paul jurco One of my colleague asked me to take a look at her laptop and check why the characters appear so slow sometimes. After several checks we reinstalled the XP but the problem persisted. After one month, we received it untouched with the following resolution: please reinstall the OS . So I started to investigate by killing unneeded processes. I was lucky, after two days of tests it seems that this was the problem.The exe is started by a service named ati hotkey poller (I can’t remember exactly right now).Make sure you have a disk for AOL or setup file for fire fox saved, to reinstall the software.This seemed to work a bit but by accident, I remove the battery from my laptop and kept the power cord connect and Wow! I have also notice that my battery does not hold a charge anymore.

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Again, an issue with the drivers since at least the Vostro 1000 has an ATI SMB?

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