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“Well, well and pretty smug about that you are too but that may change in time. ”I hated this conversation but I felt powerless; there was something about him and the situation that made it impossible for me to assert myself. The woman, who entered, with no sign of deference, was in her seventies.

You may find the need to use the slipper, the cane or…….” and here he paused as though anticipating a treat, “…birch. I had to answer that I had no experience of the birch. Slightly stooped she looked, to me at least, like the last person on earth that should be put in charge of children.

When I answered that I had he questioned me about my experience at some length and I felt uncomfortable but powerless to stop this odd conversation.“Well Miss Clark, are you using corporal punishment at the school?

” I had no need and told him so: I was perfectly capable of controlling a class of children without spanking them. When we were children she was never without one.” With that he rang the bell.

He already had some music playing and a lovely supper spread out on a small table in one corner.

Even the corners tucked away from the light seemed friendly and full of promise.

He was rather keen on me and was always inviting me to little social events where he was very correct and formal but plainly anxious to go further.

“We could play it at midnight if that is not too late,” he suggested.

A young teacher begins her career in a small village and attracts the attention of the shy but wealthy Squire of the village.

Neither of them takes All Hallows’ Evening (Halloween) as anything other than an excuse for a pleasant supper.

He was looking at me in a controlling and manipulative manner almost one of cruelty. Few children growing up in the fifties were not spanked at home and school.

“Now my dear we are alone at last and I have a little question that I have longed to put to you. I had been a “good girl” and so avoided the ruler, slipper and cane at school, although all were in frequent use, but at home my mother had ensured I remained good with her hand and a wooden spoon.

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It was about three feet long made up of a dozen or so switches from a tree although what type I wasn’t sure.