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I love you so much and thanks for making my life so special.You are such a great dad to **** it makes me love you even more'.Two nights later we are at a club and a guy I know (very drunk) said he thought they might have gone out in the past.She stormed off and said "it's too late, I'm married".She is 35 and this has been going on since January when our boy was 15 months old.

She says she isn't doing it, but two weekends ago she went out on a 12-hour bender on a Saturday and I saw her on Sunday morning in a right mess limping to work at 9am to teach her spin class.

I have ordered the drug test and will have to see what happens, but I am very worried about her as this is my beautiful wife.

In this nightmare six months I have not been able to have one conversation with her - she is ultra aggressive and defensive and just tells me I am 'harrassing' her, 'controlling her' and, now, 'bullying her'.

After she was outside pushing herself against a wall with the looney look on her face before being twirled round like a school girl.

She was having loads of intense conversations with strangers, then the next day she taught two classes in the morning after getting in at 2am, before trying to sleep on the sofa at 1pm.

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Something has gone really wrong with her - just hope she comes out of it before she destroys our little family for good!

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