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Reality dating show twist details

It's pure-blue, that just happens to mess with other colours. The rule for this is simple: Check the colour-identity of the card.It's pure-blue, that just happens to mess with other colours.

Hype the fact that two male contestants are falling in love with each other, of course! In case you missed the breathless promos that aired over the last week, ABC was thrilled to imply that two of Kaitlyn Bristow’s suitors, Clint Arlis and JJ Lane, were more than friends. Not to mention that the story line was in fairly bad taste, as multiple publications have pointed out.

But couples are actually in the same location, so it’s just placing a virtual overlay over ordinary physical interactions.

(I’m guessing this is why they’re using the Vive instead of Facebook’s own Oculus Rift, since one set of Vive trackers can serve multiple headsets.) The ostensible entertainment is watching people flail around with rubbery limbs, joking about how weird they look in VR.

I mean, it’s like they’ve got a little pep in their step together.” This was followed by a clip of the two guys joking about showering together.

Justin summarized: “There’s some deep love going on between Clint and JJ.” Later, the other contestants started talking about how much they disliked the duo, saying that they were egomaniacs who had secluded themselves from the rest of the house.

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Then they head into a virtual bar and start the date.

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