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Inspiring Story Tellers Around The World With Video collage, GIF collage, Photo collage, and Music***To create Acapella videos use our app "Acapella from Pic Play Post" which was specially designed for making a cappella videos - search for it and download on Google Play!

***Video collage and photo collage maker with music for Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Musically and Facebook.

Featuring some of the favorite songs recorded by Acappella over the years, it also includes a medley of a number of songs along with some re-recordings.

Did any of you first become acquainted with Acappella via this collection? Many humorously labeled it the “Ghostbusters” cover.

Please send us your feedback and report any issues to: [email protected] us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - @Acapella App Bug fixes & improvements. (Select "Collaboration" option from the Post screen)Use headset when recording, and to sync/align audio, see detail steps how to do it in app description on Google Play.

Pic Play Post®: Video Collage Maker With Videos, Gifs, Photos and Music Mixcord™ presents Pic Play Post® a photo, gif, and video collage maker with music.

If you want to make a song you recently recorded (or a song you like) a capella, then watch this tutorial.Did any of you see the multi-projector, multi-screen concert media productions that John produced for those concerts in the ’80’s?At one time, we utilized 16 projectors and 3 12′ […] Teaching The Truth In Love has endured as a concert favorite, while countless people speak of being deeply moved by the Walking That Line.The eclectic mix of songs range from the tender “Lay Down The Burdens Of Your Heart,” the evangelistic “The […] This cover was taken on the California coastline. The laughing at the beginning of Only Truth is genuine and caught as an outtake.I love to utilize the “choir back up” on songs like Lead Me To Rest and Set Me […] Although the title song hit the number one spot on our Favorite Acappella Song Survey, the album Rescue comes in at #3 on the Favorite Album Survey.

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Acapella from Pic Play Post is a powerful Acapella maker equipped with the following features:- Record and sync your Acapella videos in real time- Record up to 9 frames Acapella- Free metronome- Video playback after first video is recorded- Save your Acapella to your Mixcord account for editing later- Collaborate with your friends You can also use Acapella from Pic Play Post to create live video collage recordings and sing karaoke to share, or as a beatbox maker, or get inspiration to create an cappella like Pentatonix.