Mad men dating

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Don may have been trying to resist temptation at this point, but can you blame him for giving in here? It was poor, closeted Sal who was most contained, so the moment that facade drops was extra-hot.

10) Sal almost makes it with a bellhop (Season 3, Episode 1) This was perhaps the scene you’ve been anticipating for the entire series. Cooped up in a hotel room without air conditioning, Sal finds himself tipping the bellhop in a very nontraditional way.

I’d wake up, run a weak 2-3 laps around my park, shower, apply for jobs and watch about five hours of in under a month.

Luckily, I eventually got a job and ran out of episodes.

4) Peggy shuts down a suitor (Season 2, Episode 2) Failed seduction — not very sexy, except in this case, when it shows off a newly wised-up Peggy coming into her own.RELATED: Try on Mad Men Hairstyles---Don and Roger Included!During a brief stint of unemployment in 2010 I developed a strange routine. For years she’s put up with Don’s philandering (see below), and from what we can tell she’s never cheated herself — until the second-season finale, that is.After finding out she’s pregnant, Betty does some impulse shopping and gets busy with a random stud at a bar, in a setting charged with the risk of getting caught.

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But this one — coupled with the indescribably glam image of Joy in movie-star garb in her convertible — encapsulates for Don the irresistable sexiness of escape.