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Find ‘control centre’ and click to customise controls and select the green plus button next to Screen Recording and it should pop up in your control centre from then on.

All you have to do to begin the magic of recording what you do on your device’s screen is swipe up to access the control centre.

We pulled sweet, sweet data from both our Android and i Phone apps looking at user ordering habits from the last few months. Well, not “Holy cow, did that Pterodactyl just shoot lasers from its eyes?

And of course when we say definitive we mean probably.

You can't try on the frames yet like some kind of Snapchat filter, but that's probably on it way from one company or another.

You can use Apple Pay right in the app to pay for your glasses when you've found the ones you love. With the 3D mapping technology in the i Phone X's front-facing camera, Face App can now more seamlessly define the lines in your face in order to better cover them with whichever filter happens to pop up.

Basically, the front-facing camera is now roughly as good as the rear-facing camera on the i Phone 5S.

Android users are 10% more likely to order something spicy.

Developers on one side prepare their C based insults while the opposing side readies their taunts (your Java is so 1999! A war is brewing and with the impending release of i Phone 6S (MORE COLORS!!!!! In other words this many: Also, it appears that while our Android friends might not care so much about calories, they do care for burning things.

Android users prefer to have food brought to them like a badass king of the couch (respect) while i Phone users are getting up more often and burning a few calories before inhaling their meat lover’s calzone. While this might all be circumstantial (yeah, we watch lawyer shows too), there is actually quite a bit of real research showing i Phone users are generally more active and healthier than Android users.

And when we say slightly we mean almost twice as often. Alright, now let’s take a look at some of the top apps available on each device, just to see if anything interesting pops up.

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