Javascript code for validating phone number

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validate Email ( ) Next we want to see if the email address the user entered is real.

This means that the input data must contain at least an @ sign and a dot (.).

If the element complies than sufunction returns an empty string.

Otherwise it returns a message describing the error and highlight appropriate element with yellow.

At last we check the length of the string and permit only phone numbers with 10 digits. When the user clicks the Submit button on the form, the form data is sent to a Java Script validation function that checks each field to make sure that it is in the appropriate format.

When you’re collecting data from users, there are two key challenges; collecting that information, and validating it. In this article I’ll discuss some of the challenges around collecting, validating, and displaying telephone numbers.

validate Empty ( ) The function below checks if a required field has been left empty.

If the required field is blank, we return the error string to the main function.

validate Phone ( ) The function below checks if the phone number is valid.

Any interactive web site has form input - a place where the users input different kind of information.

This data is passed to ASP script, or some other technology and if the data contains an error, there will be a delay before the information travels over the Internet to the server, is examined on the server, and then returns to the user along with an error message.

Continuing with our Java Script regular expression series today we will discuss Java Script regular expression to validate U. Previously we talked about validating email , Social Security number and zip code using JS regex. S phone number format I am sure this can be applied to other phone number formats with little or no change. The argument to this method is the phone number you want to validate.

In the method body we define a variable (‘phone Number Pattern’) and assign a regular expression to it.

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