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All of these searches and lists ensure that its simple and straightforward to find the perfect hookup each and every time!Once you have found the perfect match, you need to be able to contact them to arrange a hookup!Users can also add ‘bling’ to their profiles (which is a kind of icon-based profile decoration) to help them share the sort of things they’re into, what kind of person they are and the groups they are part of with the wider TS TV Dates community.‘Bling’ gives users the opportunity to check out ‘at a glance’ whether another user is likely to have shared interests (sexual and otherwise), and it was a feature we really enjoyed using.All in all, there are endless (and ever-growing) opportunities to share your interests and personality using the TS TV Dates profile system. Once you have built your own profile, you can begin your search for the perfect match using a fantastic range of search tools.

Members can make use of a fantastic selection of inbox tools to send private messages to users, or get chatting quickly to another member by using the great Instant Messaging feature.

Members can also send ‘flirts’ and ‘winks’ to other users to let them know that they are interested in them.

When you’re not chatting directly to another user (or using the search features to find your next hookup), they can also take part in some fantastic chatrooms and message boards, or host their own blog with the site.

If you’re really adventurous (or just really horny!

) you can check out what other members really have to offer, and show off a little yourself, by making use of the great member webcams feature, where you can video-chat with other users for as long as you like!

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Members can also take the ‘purity test' to find out how pure, or indeed impure, they are, with the results being publishable on their profiles.

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