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If the person you’ve swiped is also feeling Heavenly or Sinful to match you, then you’ve got yourself a match made in Heaven (sorry).

The app also includes a handy map so you can see your fellow Heavenly or Sinful people according to their location.

You might think you’re pretty good in bed, but if you’re someone who often wonders just how well you compare to others during sex, now you can check those crippling insecurities with Passion!

This app measures how well you perform during sex and gives you a rating from 0-10, ten being the highest, zero being very depressing.

Wingman, a dating app for air travellers, promises to help match you with a potential mate on your next flight. Currently in Beta mode, the app allows interested parties to ‘reserve their seat’ by entering their email address.

The main problem with the app is that joining the mile high club is probably a lot better as a fantasy than a reality – in reality your flight will just be full of hungover dehydrated adults, the occasional screeching stag or hen, and screaming children, which isn’t exactly the best pool to pick from. The app boasts that it will help you “bribe your way to a date”, by letting people exchange a bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner, a shopping trip, or an outdoor adventure in exchange for a first date.

So you’ve tracked down future lovers on the road, Facebook and on your phone, but what about 30,000 feet in the air?

A bit like Snapchat, the app timecaps your encounters, only letting you search for available and interested people near you for one hour.

Unlike Tinder, the app doesn’t force you to link to your Facebook or other social network presence, meaning internet evidence of your shameful hour of need is minimal.

You can then send them voice messages and videos of yourself, which to be honest will probably be used for more sinful than heavenly reasons really.

You want to use Tinder, but you’re too busy, and you’re loaded (it is the perfect time of year for it with revision and student loans…). Aimed at rich single men with little free time to spare, Personal Dating Assistants provides an online profile management and ghostwriting service for dating profiles.

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Pure is an app for those that want to enjoy Tinder but are too embarrassed or shy to put themselves out there.

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  2. One of the areas of our lives where these technological transformations have been especially striking is in the dating scene.

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