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The event came about after a delegation from Bermuda attended the Transcontinental Trust Conference in Geneva in June.

Asked about other efforts being taken to remedy the issue, he said: “ I think the people of Bermuda are well aware the challenges that we face since this report started to get into the media in spring of this year.Hospital chief of geriatrics Dr David Harries said: “ It is hoped the patient will be able to make do without his ventilator completely.The plan for him to be eventually discharged and cared for at home.” The technique — called diaphragmatic pacing — involves surgeons attaching electrodes to the patient’s diaphragm, with wires leading out of the body to a pacemaker, which uses electrical impulses to contract the diaphragm, allowing the patient to breathe.The session was led by Vanessa Schrum, partner at Appleby, with fellow panelists Randall Krebs, general counsel at Meritus Trust; Jonathan Dunlop, director of wealth planning at HSBC Private Bank; and Peter Pearman of Conyers Dill & Pearman.With the support of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, Bermuda trust executives persuaded IBC Global Conferences to host the new event in Bermuda.

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The MLP’s initial public offering of 11.04 million common units represented limited partner interests in the MLP at $20 per unit.