Dating places in islamabad

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Dating places in islamabad

“My favourite place to buy spices in Kuala Lumpur is Brickfields, there are several well-stocked shops there and Modern Store is one of them.

They sell practically every spice you could possibly need as well as vegetables that are imported from India, and are otherwise hard to find in this city.

Sukkur is called Sakharu in Sindhi language which means “superior”.

The spelling of the city’s name in Sindhi suggests that it is the origin of the name.

But for the fear of a tyrannical Raja, they disappeared in a cave in the side of a hill. Probably this folklore has its origins in the Hindu ritual of satti, where widows burnt themselves on their dead husband’s pyre. On one of the smaller hills that arises out of the river bank on the south has a leveled platform on which there are many carved gravestones. It was housed in a railway bungalow and shifted to its own building on . It is probably at the construction site of Llyod Barrage (Construction started in 1923 and inaugurated on 13 January 1932). The shrine was built around 925 AD on a small island called “Hajee ka Tau” located north of Bukkur island fort, Sukkur.

In reality, however, this is the burial-place of a ruler from Sukkur, Mir Abu Al-Qasim Namkeen (961 A. The principal grave is that of Mir Kasim one of the Sabzwari Shahids dated 1018 AD. Unfortunately except the island, nothing much remains of this structure today.

The bridge provided the railway link between Lahore and the port of Karachi.

Later, the arched Ayub Bridge was inaugurated on May 6, 1962 and railway traffic was shifted there.

Sukkur has been an important strategic centre and trading route from time immemorial.

Brief History: Sukkur (formerly Aror, Alor and Bakar) is the capital of Sukkur District.

It is the third largest city of Sindh province, situated on the west bank of Indus River.

This was probably the grave that sanctified the place, and the lamp-post and lamp that were placed in front of it are still there; and it gives the name of Than Kasim Shah to the hill. Railway Heritage Museum was established in 2005 at Sukkur Railway Station. Editor’s Note: If you have liked this post (Photos of Sukkur), then please share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.

But the name by which it is more generally known is the Hill of the Seven Virgins. Pir Illahi Bakhsh Tower (also called ‘Ilmi Tower’) is located on a hill near State Bank of Pakistan, Sukkur. The tower was founded by Pir Illahi Bakhsh, minister for education in May 1939 and completed in 1940. An old steam engine and a few coaches were brought from Mirpur Khas section. Lab-e-Mehran is famous garden in Sukkur, located on Bandar Road, adjacent to the Indus River. It will encourage the Admin to add more photos of Sukkur.

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