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While much of our traditional literature is about conflict, both internal and external, what we can learn is that we always have choices, and hope is always there if we seek to find it.” In what other profession can you go to “work” and climb trees with girls on Sapelo Island?

…Or find yourself barely breathing as you are so still surrounded by Coatimunidis in Belize?

My second graduate degree, Science Education, allowed me to teach elementary school Science at an all girls’ school.

Because my daughter asked me not to teach at AGS while she was a student, I had an opportunity to teach Science at a nearby K-12 school.

I grow stronger in my understanding of single gender education every day.” “Atlanta Girls’ School is a smaller school and I think this is one of its most amazing qualities.

The classes are personal, and students get a chance to really know their peers and teachers.

The small size of the school also allows for one-on-one help and guidance that would be harder to get in a large school.” We often tell people that teaching is rewarding, but we do not always see the reward of a day’s work in our profession.You will be seen on a first-come basis by a therapist. We help each girl develop a deeper sense of self, a firm command of her own voice, and the understanding that she is able and impelled to influence change in the world. AGS offers girls in grades 6 through 12 a college-preparatory curriculum of the highest standards.Atlanta Girls’ School students, graduates, and faculty are extraordinary. “I looked forward to being an AGS student ever since attending Smart Girls Camp as a third grader. It is very easy to get to know everyone and create a bond.It also gives me the opportunity to have one-on-one time with teachers who know me well enough to know my learning style and my struggles.

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We lay the foundation for a child’s growth by touching her heart, expanding her mind, and helping her find her voice.

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