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: A Data Element that is unsupported beginning with Version 3.0 of this standard.Implementations may continue to support Retired Data Elements for the purpose of backward compatibility with versions prior to V3.0, but this is not a requirement of this version of the standard.: Standard Data Elements within a particular range of Group Numbers where elements that have identical Element Numbers have the same meaning within each Group (and the same VR, VM, and Data Element Type).Repeating Groups shall only exist for Curves and Overlay Planes (Group Numbers (50xx,eeee) and (60xx,eeee), respectively) and are a remnant of versions of this standard prior to V3.0.HL7® and CDA® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International, all rights reserved.SNOMED®, SNOMED Clinical Terms®, SNOMED CT® are the registered trademarks of the International Health Terminology Standards Development In this part of the standard the structure and encoding of the Data Set is specified.The scope of the controlled concept is limited to the attribute for which the string provides the value; i.e., the attribute defines the allowed set of values for the Code String, and a particular string may have different meanings in different attributes.A Code String is formally an arbitrary code representing a semantic concept; however, English language words (using the constrained character set of the CS Value Representation) are often used as codes for the semantics of those words.

A collection of Data Elements ordered by increasing Data Element Tag number that is an encoding of the values of Attributes of a real world object.

For some specific Transfer Syntaxes, a Data Element also contains a VR Field where the Value Representation of that Data Element is specified explicitly.

: Used to specify whether an Attribute of an Information Object Definition or an Attribute of a SOP Class Definition is mandatory, mandatory only under certain conditions, or optional.

In the context of Application Entities communicating over a network (see PS3.7), a Data Set is that portion of a DICOM Message that conveys information about real world objects being managed over the network.

A Data Set may have other contexts in other applications of this standard; e.g., in media exchange the Data Set translates to file content structure.

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