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Season 2 — which will cover 1955 through 1963 in the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) — arrives on the streaming service Dec. The second season starts with the embarrassing Suez Crisis, where British forces invaded Egypt and were forced to withdraw under pressure from the United States and the USSR, the world's true powers at the time.

It continues through the downfall of her third Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, amidst a storm of humiliating scandals.

“The Crown” will return to Netflix for its second season on December 8. The question is, how on earth can you forgive yourself?

But I will also take away the danger of that, I suppose, the danger of not expressing yourself or speaking out.

Going into the second season, there was a rumor that they were thinking of her and I was just like, “yes, yes, yes.” I just think she’s extraordinary. As along as I knew where she didn’t want it to end up, I could make sure that I didn’t do that. Obviously with playing Elizabeth, I couldn’t talk to the queen. You just have to make [your characters] as real as humanly possible.

I’ve known about it for ages so I’ve secretly been jumping up and down for about three months. What she would hate for the film to be like and what she would dread. Don’t overdo the sense of duty.” That’s what (director) Andy (Serkis) did. To me, there’s a different process in a way because if you can actually talk to somebody, then that makes a difference.

To play Queen Elizabeth II, who is known for her detachment and restraint, is not the easiest task for an actress, but Claire Foy was able to depict the queen in her younger years in such flawless fashion that she won a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her performance.

As the series moves into the Swinging Sixties starting in Season 3, Foy hands the crown to actress Olivia Colman to play the Queen in her middle-aged years for the following two seasons.“It was always going to be two seasons,” Foy told the 's Matt Smith plays her beloved Prince Philip on the show, but in the second season, the story delves into the growing distance between the royal couple, along with the Prince's rumored infidelities.

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