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Chat with girls wihtout sign up

Expanding into the universe and advancing without end. Or if we have not solved the death problem by that time, to be cryopreserved with or without dignity. Another poster had replied to the first: Why would anyone not [want an infinite lifespan]? Do you believe that some external entity owns you and has the right to decide this, or are you content to be (essentially) at the mercy of a lethal bomb hooked up to a random-number generator?A poster replied: Why would anyone want an infinite lifespan? An enhanced lifespan can be used for creating knowledge, developing oneself(with an ever-growing knowledge base & tool set), exploring(definitely including but not limited to, exploration of space, etc.To this day, I find it impossible to continue living without some belief that I won't simply cease to exist.Some people find that belief through religeon, but I could never accept (even back then) something that was, by definition, unprovable.OTOH, her interest in death might be nothing to do with fear of death.It might be that she is upset about no longer having the nice chats she had about Pokemon with her Aunty Jane.Your child might be thinking about death, and might well be aware of his or her own mortality.

Then it would be a good idea to explain that Aunty Jane had died from such-and-such a disease, which old people sometimes (but by no means always – tell her the statistics) get but which Little Tia has not got, and is most unlikely to get until she too is old, and perhaps not even then.;-)It is uterly beyond me why anyone would opose the idea of an indefinate lifespan.Those of you who want to die don't have to keep on living unitl the clock runs out.Or the trips to the zoo Aunty Jane used to take her on.So before you launch into a discussion of the ins and outs of cryonic suspension, life extension and the like, check that you have correctly identified the problem.

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