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Avg updating but not current

This may happen automatically, or you may have to do it.If you deny access, you must reconfigure the security software to allow access.If you need more help configuring the Comodo Firewall component to work with your Mozilla application, visit Comodo Support.

The CA (Computer Associates) Personal Firewall was formerly known as "e Trust Personal Firewall".

This article provides general information about software firewalls as well as information about specific firewall programs.

For information about other security programs, including antivirus programs, that can can block internet access or cause other connection issues, see Error loading websites.

In the Program Permissions list, find the entry or Application Rule for your Mozilla application and delete it.

The next time the application requests Internet access, you can set its permission level to re-add it to the list.

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To configure Comodo Firewall Pro, using Thunderbird as an example: The list of rules should have a line with Thunderbird.exe, [any], [any], TCP/UDP In/Out and a green check mark next to Allow.