Astronomical dating

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That is, in at least one place, Valtorta, seeing a half-disk of the Moon in the sky calls it first quarter when subsequent developments show it to be actually in third quarter.

Such irregularities in interpretation in no way threaten the validity of the Poem; the actual observed conditions are all self consistent.

In years prior to 0030, back to 0024, Jupiter was a morning star, rising and setting before the Sun, not appearing in the sky until after midnight.

In the vision at Gadara, Valtorta sees Jupiter in the early evening sky.

Venus was an evening star in the winter of 0031 and again in 0033, two and a half months ahead of its 0031 position, but by 0035, it was five months ahead and no longer in the evening sky.

The scene in Gadara is thus dated later than 0030, between 00 at most. Seen from Earth, every two years Mars appears near the same spot but a little behind, slipping backwards westward by one month every biennium.

On alternate years, Mars is on the other side of the sky.

From one year to the next, Jupiter moves ahead eastward in the sky by one month.

In mid-March, 0030, Jupiter and the Sun were at about the same spot in the sky, the same angle along the ecliptic.

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