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Animal planet animal cops online dating

" /The negative themes of animal abuse are outweighed by very positive images of ASPCA agents, veterinarians, and citizens in community service roles.The series focuses on the rescue missions and the importance of both taking care of and respecting animals of all kinds.Episodes always include positive examples of abused animals being cared for by agents, veterinarians, and compassionate citizens.Sensitive kids and adults may find some images disturbing.

While police officers usually don’t mind being called “cops,” they aren’t usually fond of the term “pig.” A policeman’s lot is not an ‘appy one.To be ‘fuzzy’ was to be unmanly, incompetent and soft.How better to insult the police, after all, than to mock them as ineffectual?The most likely explanation is that it comes from the verb "to cop" meaning to seize, capture, or snatch, dating from just over a century earlier (1704). Most authorities trace it to the French As with many words, there are several stories floating around positing various origins, almost certainly false. I have never heard a real person use it, unless you want to count Jack Webb on the old “Dragnet.” When I was growing up in the 1960s, we called police officers many things, but mostly we just called them “cops” and we never, ever, called them “the fuzz.” As a matter of fact, anybody calling the cops “the fuzz” would have been instantly suspected of being a cop.The notion that cop is an acronym for "Constable On Patrol" is nonsense. Edgar Hoover, the longtime head of the FBI, disliked being called “top cop." The origin of "fuzz" is uncertain. It would have been a faux pas right up there with ironing your blue jeans.

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The program even suggested a government cover-up of mermaid evidence, complete with a spin-off site that said it has been seized by the U. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

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