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Aaliyah dating

Friends recall Aaliyah as driven, intelligent and clear on the reward of hard work, as well as an unusually sweet and gentle spirit who always found time for play.She had a shyness that was beautiful, they say, because it sprang from humility. "She seemed like she was living everything in rewind, like she'd already done all of this. It was never just a job when you were working with her. Good kid fun."She was remarkable for being sexy without selling herself, for finding the thin line where she could attract the boys without embarrassing the moms.which sold 2 million copies and launched its producer-songwriter team, two largely unknown figures named Timbaland and Missy Elliott, to stardom.Aaliyah began modeling for Tommy Hilfiger and taking acting lessons, which led to a starring role in released in July, was already gold when she flew to Abaco Island in the Bahamas to finish the video for the album's third single, "Rock the Boat," directed by Hype Williams.She wore a dark-green hoodie and matching shorts so small they showed off most of her long, curvy legs, down to the little treble-clef tattoo on her right ankle.She wore all-white Nike Air Force Ones with white socks. In her left arm she clutched a large, fluffy pillow in a black pillowcase."She's the first artist I worked with who would not compromise her values to be famous," says Parrish Johnson, an executive vice president at Blackground."In this business, church girls become prostitutes because they want to be stars, but she would never let stardom interfere with who she was."She was nicknamed Li-Li and Baby Girl.

Jomo Hankerson, Aaliyah's cousin and the president of Blackground Records, her label, is angered by reports that the passengers argued with Morales.

"I don't subscribe to the scenario that the passengers of a plane dictate them to overload the plane," he says. In the airline business, safety has to always come first."Though the cargo's weight was the initial focus of investigation, the days that followed brought troubling reports about thirty-year-old pilot Morales and the Fort Lauderdale company that chartered the plane, Blackhawk International Airways.

In the past three years, Blackhawk has received several citations for safety violations, including a warning for not adequately testing employees for drugs.

"One time, she put these big fake teeth in her mouth, the kind you get at a joke shop, and she came into my room and started doing the scenes from Her personality was very playful, but she was also equally caring and compassionate."She was a girly girl who always made sure her nails were done, her perfume was right, and her bag had lotion and lip gloss.

"She matured a lot in the last year," says Kidada Jones, one of her best friends. Her parents gave her more freedom, and she took more control of her projects. She wanted to have a family, and we talked about how we couldn't wait to kick back with our babies." She prayed before every meal and before she went to bed.

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Kelly, called which sold more than 1 million copies.

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