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This visa is not like other Australian visas where you need to get someone else (like a potential employer) to sponsor you.With this visa, your sponsor is your partner who is an Australian citizen.This is quite a lot of writing, and can easily end up being 4 or 5 pages. To prove the social aspects of your relationship, statutory declarations are required from people that know both you and your partner.Some broad categories to include in this document include: Some of this will overlap with the relationship proof, but that is okay. These people need to be over 18 and ideally Australian citizens, although statements from non-Australians are often accepted if you and your partner don’t have any mutual friends in Australia.You will be able to find more information in the Partner Migration Booklet 1.Eventually we’ll write a post on our experiences, but for now, this post is just about the process itself.

This post is basically an overview of all the main parts of the application process.

Note that this evidence needs to show financial support both ways – It can’t just be one person supporting their partner.

Social context involves how your friends and family see your relationship with your partner.

The most common form of evidence for this category is proof of correspondence during any periods of separation. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t print out ALL your chat logs and submit these, as for a lot of people, that would be massive! This can include things like: If you have other things that prove your commitment (such as mentioning each other in the terms of your wills, or intention to buy a house together), these should also be included in this category.

In our case, we chat every day and so we have some very big chat logs. In addition to these four categories of evidence, you and your partner need to provide a statement about the history of your relationship. The content will obviously be similar, but you should each write it in your own words.

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This includes evidence that you’re accepted as a couple socially, such as party invitations, group photos, and having friends in common.